Lunch made easy.

A tasty and quick AIP lunch today! 


Liver put with cucumbers and carrots.



If you ever asked me if I would eat liver, I would promptly tell you no. I’ve trained myself over the course of my life to not like foods. Whether it’s because of the taste, the look or the texture, I have done a good job of convincing myself I don’t like certain things. Now as I learn more about nutrition and using food for healing, I’m learning that there are a lot of foods on my “do not like” list that are actually really good! Now I have never had liver before so I can’t actually say I don’t like it, but it seems weird. What I didn’t know is that it is PACKED full of good stuff. Liver is very nutrient dense and consuming it is very beneficial for your health. You can check out more about the benefits of liver here.

Many on the Autoimmune Paleo diet swear by it’s healing properties. So I’m going to give it a try. The recipe I am using is from autoimmune-paleo by Mickey Trescott.

Here are some pictures of the process:


I used side pork instead of bacon (on accident). Jenn and I bought this thinking it was just really good looking bacon, they are different but I think it is just as good. The side pork and beef liver are from a farm about two hours south of us called Redmond Heritage Farms.

Here is what the liver looks like before it is cooked:


Liver and onions cooking.


Here is the Pâté finished and packaged:


I decided to try a bite of the liver and onions plain before I processed it with the side pork. Oh my goodness I LOVED it! Who would have thought liver actually tasted so good. My advice is to try it even if it sounds weird, you might be surprised.


Pan Seared Pork Chops with Maple Carrot Apple Mash

I love it when food experiments turn out great!

For the Pork Chops: 

2 Grass fed pork chops

Splash of apple cider vinegar

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1. Combine the apple cider vinegar and the olive oil in a skillet. Add the pork chops and turn on medium heat. I let them cook for about five minutes before turning them over. Flip them over and let them go for another five minutes or until they start to brown. As soon as they start to brown on one side I flip them over and let them start browning on the other side.

2. Once the pork chops are browned to perfection, I cover them and let them sit on a very low heat until everything else is done cooking. The apple cider vinegar does a nice job of keeping them from drying out. You can add more if it all cooks off.


For the Mash

2 large carrots

1 red apple

1 tsp Grade B organic Maple Syrup

salt and pepper

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1. Chop the carrots in 1/4 inch thick slices.

2. Peel the apple and slice into 1/4 inch thick slices.

3. Combine about a tablespoon of olive oil in a fry pan with the carrots and apples. Saute the carrots and apples for about 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, add enough water to the pan that it covers half of the carrots and apples. Cover and let simmer until the carrots are soft. Note: you don’t want them to be mushy.

4. When the carrots are soft, put the combination into a food processor (I used a Ninja cup attachment because I only make enough for one person). Add the maple syrup, salt and pepper (you might also need to add a little water) and blend everything together until it is the consistency of mashed potatoes.


This was a delicious dish that I will definitely make it again! I would venture to say this might become a staple in our house because it was so tasty and easy to make! I served with a plain salad which was perfect.


Lamb Chops and Brussel Sprouts

Tonight I used a recipe from The Paleo Approach Cookbook. I’ve always had an aversion to lamb but I decided to try something new because I’m getting bored with beef and chicken. 

The lamb chops are seasoned with garlic, oregano and lemon zest then broiled for 6 minutes on each side.  I’d say these turned out perfectly. Now I can also say I love lamb!

For a side I cooked Brussel sprouts on a bit of olive oil with two gloves of crushed garlic. 


I’ve been really good with sweets fire the last 3 weeks. By good I mean I haven’t had any treats, and only naturally occurring sugar in fruits.  Tonight I’m making a molten lava cake that I used to make for friends. I’ve never made a paleo version so hopefully these turn out well!  Pictures to follow!

New recipe!

I to try something new and use the end bits of what I have left from my last trip to the grocery store.  I present to you Maple Bacon Apple burgers!

Maple Bacon Apple Burgers
3 pieces of bacon cooked and chopped up small
1 red apple peeled and diced
1/2 tbsp grade b maple syrup
1 lb grass feed organic ground beef

Combine all ingredients into a bowl and make 4 patties. Grill or pan fry and enjoy!

Many people ask what I use to make my meat patties hold together.  Nothing!  If you pack the meet right enough together you should need to add anything to make them stick.  Besides,  since mine aren’t going into a bun it doesn’t matter if they’re perfect.


Kombucha Brewing: Phase II

My Kombucha was finally ready to bottle.  After 7 days of fementation,  the taste is perfect and I didn’t want to alter it so I went ahead with bottling.  3-4 more days and it will be ready to drink!


Here’s my scoby and my new baby scoby.


Look at all that yeasty goodness!

Spinach and Dark Cherry Juice

My chiropractor told me to try this juice.  I was skeptical but oh my goodness it is so delicious! 

1-2 cups frozen spinach
1/2 frozen dark cherries
3/4 can of coconut water


Blend together in blender and enjoy!  I use a single serving cup on my Ninja blender.  A magic bullet works well too.


Buying frozen spinach can be expensive.  You can buy it fresh and freeze it in an ice cube tray with the coconut water which is easy for just tossing in the blender!