Spring is here!

A trip to the market revealed beautiful blossoming trees shading the gorgeous bright blue sky!


Also,  here are some other projects I’ve been working on:
Dehydrated fruits for hiking and mid day snacks.  These really help me ward off the sugar cravings.


I also made some gummies to snack on.


Strawberry lime gummies:
2 cups strawberries
6 Tbsp gelatin (pasture raised organic)
2 tbsp maple syrup
2/3 cup lime juice
Blend the strawberries, lime juice and maple syrup into a juice.  Heat the juice mixture in a small sauce pan.  When it is warm (just streaming, don’t let it boil) stir in the gelatin.  Once the gelatin is dissolved pour the mix until silicon ice cube trays and refrigerate at least one hour.  Because I do my cooking at night I let them sit over night and they are perfect by morning!


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