AIP in the Desert

Desert season has officially begun! While normally I would pig out on chips, burger, fries, and beer while adventuring in the desert, this time that was not an option. With some solid pre-planning we were able to prepare some stellar meals at our isolated desert campground. DSCN2633

For dinner the first night after a day exploring Goblin Vally and Carmel Canyon I cooked steak and bacon wrapped asparagus. Wrapping the bacon was actually a last minute decision, we bought it for breakfast but we were starving so we decided to us it with dinner too. It was the best decision of the day.


For breakfast the next day we had bacon and sweet potato hash browns. I was skeptical about the hash browns but it turns out they were AMAZING. This meal gave us enough carbs and protein to complete a six hour hike through Little Wildhorse Canyon.

20150315_085917 (1)

It was a lot easier to do AIP while camping than I thought. We stuck with dehydrated fruits and veggies for the hikes and some jerky. I never felt like I didn’t have enough fuel which has always been my biggest concern. I have high hopes for the adventures ahead that I’ll be able to keep my body healthy.

Enjoy some pictures of our adventures through the desert!

Goblin Valley


Little Wildhorse Canyon




Slot Canyon Bouldering


Super Excited Faces!



Beautiful Desert Evening


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