Lamb Chops and Brussel Sprouts

Tonight I used a recipe from The Paleo Approach Cookbook. I’ve always had an aversion to lamb but I decided to try something new because I’m getting bored with beef and chicken. 

The lamb chops are seasoned with garlic, oregano and lemon zest then broiled for 6 minutes on each side.  I’d say these turned out perfectly. Now I can also say I love lamb!

For a side I cooked Brussel sprouts on a bit of olive oil with two gloves of crushed garlic. 


I’ve been really good with sweets fire the last 3 weeks. By good I mean I haven’t had any treats, and only naturally occurring sugar in fruits.  Tonight I’m making a molten lava cake that I used to make for friends. I’ve never made a paleo version so hopefully these turn out well!  Pictures to follow!

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