The Mother Has Arrived – Kombucha Home Brewing

If you’ve never had Kombucha before, it is a fermented pro-biotic tea with a ton of healthy benefits. It is full of antioxidants, vitamins and acids that contribute to a healthy digestive tract. With an autoimmune disease a healthy gut is a happy body so Kombucha has become an important part of my diet. It’s incredibly good for you and because of it’s increasing popularity you find it at just about any grocery store. I chose to start brewing my own because I drink enough of it that it is more cost effective this way. Plus, it’s a fun project!

I got the scoby aka mother in the mail today from The Kombucha Shop and got to brewing right away. The scoby is a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast that allows the tea to ferment into the fizzy and tangy drink that is Kombucha.

The ‘mother’:


The process was easy to follow and there were fewer steps involved than I thought there would be.

Step One:

Brew some tea. To be more specific, 4 cups of boiling water and 3 tablespoons of loose leaf tea. I used Boulder Blues tea from The Tea Spot in Boulder, Colorado because this is my all time favorite tea. I’m not sure how well this tea will work as they recommend using a pure black, green, oolong, or ceylon tea but there are no additives or oils in this so I’m sure it will be ok.

20150311_192320 20150311_192450

Step Two:

Once the tea has steeped 5-6 minutes, add 1 cup organic refined sugar and stir until dissolved.


Step Four:

Pour the sweet tea mixture into the brewing jar and add cold filtered water stopping three inches from the top of the jar. (you need to leave enough room for the mother!)


Step Five:

Carefully add the scoby aka mother to the jar. After giving it one gentle stir cover with a clean breathable cloth and seal with a rubber band. You can use a linen towel, several layers of cheesecloth, or cotton.

20150311_194014 20150311_194208

A couple of things to keep an eye on for the brewing process:

You want your brew to maintain a temperature of 68* – 88* F otherwise it will mold.

Do not disturb your brew for at least seven days. Set it somewhere out of direct sunlight and leave it there undisturbed.

Optimal pH balance is 4.5, it is not necessary to test this but it is nice to know where your Kombucha is at.

This is the most basic form of Kombucha brewing I found and it was made even easier because it was a kit. You can buy the kit at The Kombucha Shop or on Amazon (there are more varieties online). If you are really ambitious you can make it on your own without a kit. Micky Trescott has a recipe for it here.


2 thoughts on “The Mother Has Arrived – Kombucha Home Brewing

  1. Reblogged this on Eco-Living in Vancouver and commented:
    A preview of what’s coming up on the blog. I’ve been doing a lot of researching on kombucha, fermented tea that tastes of heaven. Someone local to me is giving me a scoby (strange mushroom like thing that starts the fermentation process). At $4 a bottle, I feel guilty for buying it, but absolutely love the taste! Here’s hoping my DIY kombucha is as tasty!


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